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By connecting the Gaminator casino, you will receive high-quality solutions:
Cross-browser HTML5 games
Mobile versions of popular entertainment
A seamless protocol for the integration into online projects
An extreme button for safer operation on the ground
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Gaminator Casino is installed in 700+ gambling halls in 30 countries

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The System is Suitable for:
Gambling halls
Mobile start-ups
Connect Gaminator 3

and get 30 000 credits for free!

Our Awards
ERG Awards 2010-2012
ERG Awards 2010-2012
IGA Awards 2014
IGA Awards 2014
Global Gaming Awards 2014
Global Gaming Awards 2014
WiG Awards 2015
WiG Awards 2015
EGR Awards 2015
EGR Awards 2015
WiG Awards 2019
WiG Awards 2019
EGR B2B Awards 2020
EGR B2B Awards 2020
IGA Awards 2020
IGA Awards 2020
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Key Advantages of the Gaminator3 System
New items from the world's best providers. We offer interesting and varied content
The system is browser-based; it leaves no trace on computers
Live casinos from 3 suppliers
Mobile version (available on tablets)
More than 400 games, over 20 different functional settings of the system
Working in the online casino format and the support of various electronic payment methods
Working both through a terminal and through a cashier
New functions available: bonuses, tournaments, free spins
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The Best Games of the System

which bring over $1 000 000 per month!

microgaming microgaming microgaming microgaming microgaming novomatic novomatic novomatic novomatic novomatic amatic amatic amatic amatic amatic egt egt egt egt egt igrosoft igrosoft igrosoft igrosoft igrosoft aristocrat aristocrat aristocrat aristocrat aristocrat unicum unicum unicum unicum unicum alps_games alps_games alps_games alps_games alps_games megajack megajack megajack megajack card_games card_games card_games card_games card_games roulette_games roulette_games spinfun spinfun spinfun spinfun spinfun playtech playtech playtech playtech playtech sheriffgaming sheriffgaming sheriffgaming sheriffgaming sheriffgaming netent netent netent netent netent realtime_gaming realtime_gaming realtime_gaming realtime_gaming realtime_gaming betsoft betsoft betsoft betsoft betsoft
Performance Comparison of the System’s Versions
Connect G1
Connect G2
Connect G3
Connect G1
Connect G2
Connect G3
Connect G1
Connect G2
Connect G3
Connect Finstrum -
the best payment system for online clubs
Gambling Halls are Represented in Many Countries of the World
The System Allows Working with Projects of Different Formats:
Gambling halls
Online casinos
Mobile start-ups
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Legal Questions
Specifics of Work
Do You Have a Product Warranty?

Yes. The Gaminator catalogue contains licensed solutions tested by experienced international laboratories: NMI, QUINEL, iTech Labs.

The software meets the highest requirements for security and personal data protection. It provides fast and reliable financial transactions. A certified random number generator (RNG) is built into the entertainment content. It guarantees the honest and transparent work of an operator.

You can receive quality certificates for all iGaming solutions by contacting our consultants.

Is an Online Casino a Legal Business?

Yes. Online gambling is allowed in many economically developed countries, including the USA, France, Germany, Great Britain, and Italy. At the same time, the order of online casinos’ operation differs depending on the country chosen by an operator for licensing.

As a rule, local authorities establish an age limit for casino customers and some restrictions on the procedure for obtaining a permit and advertising activities. It is possible to receive a licence in an offshore zone and expand the geography of users.

Information about a permission document (its number, date, the name of the organisation that issued the licence, and other details) should be placed on the main page of a website. In this way, clients of the gambling platform Gaminator will be able to make sure of its legality.

Who Will Be the Owner of Casino Slots after Signing the Contract?

Slot machines and other program components are owned by Gaminator. The signed agreement contains a clause on the use of online casino software.

The Gaminator team will be responsible for the full technical support of your gambling project. We update the software on time, add new useful options to the programs, quickly fix bugs, monitor the work of the security service and other components of the Gaminator system.

We are focused on a long-term and fruitful collaboration. If you have some experience in managing an iGaming project, we are ready to offer you individual terms of cooperation.

Who Is the Owner of the Player Database?

The customer base is owned by a casino’s operator. The tasks of Gaminator employees include assistance in collecting, processing, and storing the personal information of clients. We do our best to protect your gambling website from unfair competitors.

If for any reason, you decide to change the provider, the accumulated customer base needs to be transferred to the new server storage.

All the information is collected and analysed following the rules for working with personal data. The provisions on the formation of a unique player base are spelt out in the agreement. You can get acquainted with the contents of the document at any convenient time.

What Are the Requirements for Opening an Online Casino?

At the first stage, an operator needs to register a company and obtain a licence in the selected jurisdiction. This is a labour-intensive process because you need to understand the legal aspects, monitor changes in legislation, and know the basics of accounting.

It is much easier and faster to contact Gaminator for professional support. We will undertake the complete legal registration of your business: from the preparation of documentation to interaction with a gambling regulator.

The second step is to create a website with an attractive design and a powerful back-end. Our team is ready to help you with this task too. We will provide a reliable and time-tested Gaminator gaming system. This is a multi-component solution: it contains games, payment instruments, and a reporting module.

What Is the Casino Demo for?

The demo version is a unique opportunity to test the operation of the Gaminator gaming system for free. We provide full access to the product. You can check the security service, payment module, and other components of the solution.

At the end of the test period, an entrepreneur can make a well-considered decision about buying or renting the software. Besides, we are ready to make some individual changes to the project, personalising the settings and interface for the needs of a particular businessman.

To get test access to the Gaminator system, contact our manager. You will receive guarantees of the casino product’s quality and safety, as well as comprehensive information about its use.

What Payment Systems Can Be Implemented with Gaminator?

The Gaminator system is compatible with many multicurrency aggregators. You can focus on global brands known to gamers from different countries. These are Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, and other solutions supporting various payment methods.

The choice of a payment operator depends on the region of the content distribution. For example, it is hard to imagine the launch of an iGaming project in the CIS without installing Privat24 and QIWI tools. An online casino with the Wallet One service will be a suitable option in the American market. The PayAnyWay solution is perfect for the South-East Asia region.

Finstrum deserves particular attention. It supports payment in electronic vouchers.

Gaminator employees will select the best financial module for you, considering the specifics of your business.

Can You Provide Any Guarantees for the Reliability of Your Product?

Yes. We work only with trusted software suppliers, providing high-quality licensed solutions.

All games are tested by independent iGaming laboratories for the support of fair and transparent play. Clients of your online casino can be sure of the randomness of gaming sessions results and the fairness of the bonus program.

The work of financial modules complies with the international AML/KYC policy. All the payments are checked for legality. Besides, the built-in security system guarantees the complete safety of personal data.

Taken together, all these elements of the platform Gaminator ensure the reliable operation of online casinos without technical failures and third-party interference.

Is It Possible to Buy Ready-Made Online Slots?

Yes. The Gaminator’s catalogue contains over 400 games with 20 different functional system settings. We offer various options for launching the game lobby. It is possible to set the denomination, change the currency, language of the content, and set up limits.

Our games support cross-browser operation. The casino content is based on HTML5 technology. It can be easily installed on mobile platforms and desktop websites. Moreover, the games are compatible with land-based casino software. This feature will let you scale your business in the future without any problems.

The content connection procedure will take 2–3 weeks. Gaminator applies a flexible API toolkit. The solution guarantees fast integration of the software into the structure of an operating gambling platform.

Games from Which Providers Should I Consider?

Gaminator offers you to connect entertainment content from Microgaming, Amatic, NetEnt, Realtime Gaming, Playtech, Sheriff Gaming, Betsoft, Playtech, and Duomatic. These trusted manufacturers produce high-quality games. All solutions are characterised by excellent design, relevant plots, and impressive bonuses. Your customers will definitely like these benefits.

The assortment of the Gaminator company contains slot machines with an English-language interface produced by well-known companies.

Gaminator employees will help you create a modern live casino with real communication support. You can order roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and other popular live games from top developers.

How Long Does It Take to Launch an Online Casino after Purchasing the Necessary Software?

The optimal time frame for entering the market is 2–3 months after signing the contract.

The main actions of Gaminator are aimed at integrating casino software and solving technical issues. It is necessary to connect payment processing tools, rent servers and obtain a domain name, as well as synchronise the work of an entrepreneur and a hosting company.

Besides, some time will be required for adapting the gambling system to the laws of the jurisdiction issued a licence.

Gaminator guarantees the fastest possible launch of an iGaming project. We have a clear plan of action.

Do You Provide Any Post-Launch Assistance?

The Gaminator team is focused on long-term and fruitful cooperation. We guarantee complete administration of projects, including technical support, the reinstallation of the system, and the addition of new useful options (filters, services, programs).

We also offer professional legal and marketing assistance for online casinos. You can outsource many advertising and legal tasks to free up some time for planning business processes.

Gaminator employees have colossal experience in financial project management. We will prepare an estimate, business plan, accounting and tax reporting documentation.

Do You Supply Post-Launch Marketing Support?

Online casino’s marketing promotion is in an operator's area of ​​responsibility. However, we are ready to provide qualified assistance in promoting your iGaming project.

The main activity will be aimed at entering the top queries of popular search engines. We will help you set up contextual advertising and fill the website with high-quality reference materials.

The Gaminator team has broad experience in SMM marketing. We attract solvent traffic from social networks. An additional advantage is the activation of mailing instruments and the integration of beneficial affiliate services.

To get detailed information about the available services, please contact the Gaminator manager.

4.5/5 12

Gaminator is an excellent gaming system that boosted my casino, allowing me to reach the profit I had never imagined getting. The most helpful thing was the variety of games present. Eventually, my players received access to more than 200 entertaining activities that suited all ages and tastes. I am particularly grateful to the responsive staff who managed to solve some of my issues promptly.

The ability to set up the system according to my needs was a significant advantage that Gaminator could offer. My offline casino demanded some kind of convenience improvement and that was exactly what I received after contacting the guys. Thanks for the great upgrade!

I’ve recently noticed that my clients complained about the limited number of HTML5 slots available. At the same time, I was scared to buy the new ones since I’ve already been scammed. Good to know that offline casino forums are still alive, so some operators suggested asking Gaminator for the possible update of my games collection. I was very inquisitive in all the details while contacting the provider and was really impressed – the service and support were on the highest level possible.

What does a self-respected casino owner need to improve on a constant basis? Precise analytical system! I didn’t expect that Gaminator would have such an option and was pleasantly surprised when the support team offered me quite a few variants with different price tags. I am really grateful to the company for the comfortable admin panel.

When I started my offline casino, it was a real mess – I couldn’t set up the permits properly and had to deal with all the functions by myself. I wasn’t able to hire anyone since the system I originally bought was simply crippled. I started searching for additional help and encountered a helpful team of experts from Gaminator. They offered me an excellent solution to my problem – complicated hierarchy with all the permits ideally set up. Now, I can finally monitor the work of my managers, support team, and cashiers.

I don’t like to sit in one place and want my online casino to be under supervision all the time. You know, there is no constant possibility of bringing a laptop or even a tablet with yourself. I faced the necessity to look for the gaming system that would be smoothly adapted to the mobile device for me to access it regardless of my location. Gaminator managed to configure my gambling platform in the way so that I’m now able to check my casino even on the plane.

Finstrum payment system is probably the most convenient one I’ve ever used. Gaminator support team described and demonstrated all its functions and convinced me this was a reliable way for my offline casino players to deposit and withdraw money. It has been more than half a year while I have been working with it and noticed no malfunctions or any other issues neither from the side of my team nor from my players.

I still can’t help enjoying how they have managed to speed up the browser version of my online casino. Gaminator wasn’t the first provider I was working with, so I had significant doubts they could implement my ideas. However, just after 2 days of work, the guys demonstrated me that my browser version of the casino can literally fly. Excellent job!

I am a standing customer in Gaminator and know this company almost since its establishment. However, I am really amazed at how they manage to add new features so quickly. I wanted to express particular gratitude for the bonus system they have recently implemented. It allowed my offline casino to offer the players extra chances to win with the same deposits. I think I don’t have to explain how it influenced the number of my visitors.

I have never heard of such a term as a multi-credit playing feature before. After discussing the improvement opportunities of my casino, Gaminator support team suggested installing this subsystem to change the value of credits for different games. And the unsophisticated way to transfer them back and forth allowed my players to calculate how much they want to spend. Thanks for that, Gaminator!

Free spins were something I couldn’t get while establishing my casino. But the experts from Gaminator explained to me how they can boost the number of clients. People like everything that they don’t have to pay for. And when they get absorbed into the process, they don’t mind depositing a few bucks to receive a chance to win more. The functional system of free spins from Gaminator allowed doubling the number of players at my casino.

As a new casino operator, I needed some kind of boost to get into this sphere as quickly as possible. With Gaminator gaming system it was quite easy since their rundown on all of the essential factors was clear and vibrant. Their help was invaluable, and the software they provided me with seemed like an excellent starting setup for my gambling platform.

Connect Gaminator 3

and get 30 000 credits for free!


New-Generation Gaminator3 Casino Software: Capabilities and Strong Suits

The operation in the iGaming sector is one of the most promising commerce niches, capable of generating millions of dollars for investors every month.

The Gaminator Casino studio offers a universal solution for a quick start and minimising risks — ready-made iGaming programs.

The Gaminator casino software is a pro-grade, complex product for organising gambling businesses of any format. Our team has created a unique platform. It has won recognition in the CIS, Europe, and Asia.


Facts about the Company

We entered the market in 2013 and have gained a good reputation over the years. Our exclusive Gaminator3 casino software has been repeatedly awarded prestigious prizes at EGR B2B Awards (2015), The International Gaming Awards (2014), and other events.

The list of the studio’s partners contains such eminent brands:

  • Login Casino;
  • Riga Gaming Congress;
  • Betting Trends Forum;
  • Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference;
  • Georgia Gaming Congress;
  • Russian Gaming Week, and others.

We offer online casino gaming systems for every taste. Our team is engaged in the creation of professional program products adapted for projects of any format — from typical slot machine sites to mobile start-ups and network land-based clubs.

One of the most successful and promising developments is the multitasking online system Gaminator3.

The strengths of the Gaminator 3 platform in figures:

  • we performed over 700 successful connections;
  • the system supports games from more than 20 top providers;
  • over 600 content titles are in our last update;
  • our turnkey casino covers an audience from more than 30 countries of the world;
  • above 20 templates are available for personalised platform customisation;
  • the Gaminator3 casino software can bring over $1 million per month;
  • you will receive a guaranteed discount and 30,000 credits as a gift.

The Features of the Original iGaming Product

When connecting the gambling systems, you will get a professional multifunctional solution with the widest range of internal filters and settings.

The functionality of our turnkey casino:

  1. Trending content. We are aware of the latest market innovations and offer the best online casino software for sale from Novomatic, Igrosoft, Aristocrat, EGT, Real Time Gaming, Microgaming, Betsoft, NetEnt, and other respected providers.
  2. Browser mode of operation. The online system Gaminator3 is launched in a browser window without requiring the installation of additional plugins and any interference with the operation of a user’s device.
  3. Mobile support. An adaptive version for working with a mobile audience is available. The Gaminator casino software duplicates the full functionality of the main platform and allows gamers to play from anywhere in the world, regardless of the network connection quality.
  4. A line of live games. The turnkey product supports live dealer content. A wide range of solutions from the largest industry suppliers is available to customers. These are roulette, several variations of hold 'em, blackjack, and other popular entertainments.
  5. Payment modules. Numerous financial instruments are built into the casino software Gaminator3, including the most popular online services for the CIS countries and Europe and specialised programs for payments in land-based gaming halls (financial software for cash register equipment and self-service terminals).
  6. Improved bonus features. Having decided to buy casino slots from our studio, you automatically get access to a unique CRM system with the opportunity to organise multilevel tournaments and various promotions. A broad selection of adjustable bonuses (welcome rewards, cashback, etc.) and a line of offers for motivating clients (free spins, increased multipliers, jackpots, and others) are available to operators.

The Benefits of Connecting the Gambling Systems

The decision to buy software from our studio will bring you a lot of advantages, including:

The Variability of Settings

After connecting a Gaminator 3 casino software, you will receive access to more than 20 templates for personalising the system. You will be able to customise each of the platform’s components with the help of built-in filters — from the visual constituent to administrative reports.

Technical capabilities and basic user settings

Working mode

The software can be used as a traditional browser system, a mobile site, or a full-scale gaming base for a land-based club

Project visualisation

It is possible to launch the Gaminator casino software in the basic version or supplement the system interface with your unique options.

An operator can modify and combine the technical elements of the system, following the principle of a puzzle. An entrepreneur can assemble the optimal version from the proposed templates or his or her program developments

Multilingual control panel

Several language variations adapted for different regions are available: the CIS countries, Eastern, and Western Europe.

You can add a new language mode upon request

Financial instruments

These are the best payment modules tailored specifically for iGaming projects. Gaminator 3 casino software includes multicurrency solutions with support for almost all payment/withdrawal methods, including cash payments through a cash register or self-service terminals.

Financial control systems can help you:

  • adjust the percentage of return;
  • modify the current bonus programs;
  • control the cost-effectiveness of a marketing program;
  • estimate the average client’s purchase size for a session or a selected period;
  • change the volume of deposits, etc.

Security Guarantees

Our team guarantees a completely secure business environment. A combination of several tools and services helped us achieve this result:

  1. Seamless integration protocols. The connection of the online casino gaming system is based on an innovative API scheme. Due to its specifics, the programs are installed in several blocks at once. This solution made it possible to minimise the start-up launch time and protect a project’s information bases from any third-party intervention and data leakage.
  2. Work in browsers. The gaming platform is available in a browser window without downloading and installing on a user device. There are no usage tracks. Moreover, a special program is provided for safe offline work.
  3. Twenty-four-hour assistance. We undertake full technical and administrative support of the project. You just have to adapt the Gaminator 3 system to your personal needs and build up your client base. We guarantee a prompt response 24/7 through several communication channels at once, including our Telegram chat.

Payback Speed

If you launch a Gaminator casino from our studio, you have every chance to receive a net income in the first 2–6 months of work.

We offer not only multi-functional gaming platforms but also a large selection of marketing materials. Besides, it is possible to order the connection to affiliate networks from us.

Risk Minimisation Programs

The Gaminator3 platform includes built-in multi-tasking modules for assessing and controlling all types of risks. Several proven business models, a wide selection of marketing materials, and customisable reporting programs are available to customers.

You can track any actions of users and partners, control the quality of financial flows around the clock and respond to any changes in the industry promptly with the help of our product.

Why Is It Beneficial to Launch the Gaminator3 Casino Online?

Gaminator Casino is a respected multinational supplier that has managed to achieve recognition in more than 30 countries around the world. Cooperation with our team guarantees an operator a quick start and a record payback speed.

  • The platform is completely secure. The Gaminator 3 system works in browser mode, leaving no usage tracks on users’ devices. We have provided measures to protect the platform against unauthorised interference.
  • The Gaminator site presents the best casino software for sale. We partner with leading industry vendors and offer certified content from Aristocrat, Amatic, Belatra, Microgaming, and other big-name brands. Moreover, our team proposes a constantly updated line of live games.
  • A turnkey casino can reach a net profit in 2–6 months. A large selection of marketing materials, an updated bonus management system, and partner services are available to operators. Entrepreneurs get a complete set of financial control tools and the best advertising solutions for attracting international traffic.

Cooperation with our studio is your key to success. We are always aware of industry trends and offer the best online casino software for sale. It will bring your project safety, high speed of work, and consistently high profits. Contact our manager to order a Gaminator 3 casino software.


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The mobile version
The online casino version
Work through the cash desk
Work through a terminal
Work through electronic payments
Receiving third-party payments in favour of mobile operators
Partnership programs
Rollbacks to players
Rollbacks percentage adjustment
Adjusting the maximum bet
The alarm button
The system's updates
A currency detector support
An integrated protocol
Gaminator (HTML5 versions of the games)
Gaminator BTD (HTML5 versions of the games)
Gaminator Deluxe (HTML5 versions of the games)
Igrosoft (HTML5 versions of the games)
EGT (HTML5 versions of the games)
Amatic (HTML5 versions of the games)
Aristocrat (HTML5 versions of the games)
Mega Jack (HTML5 versions of the games)
Microgaming (HTML5 versions of the games)
Roulette / Cards (HTML5 versions of the games)
Unicum (HTML5 versions of the games)
Alps Studio (HTML5 versions of the games)
Playtech (HTML5 versions of the games)
RTG (HTML5 versions of the games)
Sheriff Gaming (HTML5 versions of the games)
Live Studio
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